Sensor Visions AB started in a small scale in January 2017 and has since then been devoted to developing own products mainly within the area of optical sensors for chemical/physical measurements.

Since April 2021 the operation expanded to a full scale contract research organization (CRO) also doing sensor development and analytical chemistry assignments for our customers.

In October 2021 Sensor Visions joined the cooperative venture Industridoktorn™ together with StromTech Sweden AB, AppScience AB and MiljöSus AB. Industridoktorn™ has a newly built laboratory (140 m2) with state of the art equipment for chemical, physical and microbiological analysis.

In December 2021 Sensor Visions AB made its largest investment so far in a brand new and fully equipped Bruker Alpha II FTIR spectrophotometer, to add to the resources already accessed via Industridoktorn™, µ-Fab facilities at Chalmers MC2 cleanroom and own measurement devices (e.g. Portable Raman spectrometer and other spectrometers).

Selected coming, current & recent Sensor Visions AB projects:

1) Sensors for water recycling.

2) Sensors for oil in water detection.

3) Microplastics in water detection.

4) Microplastics generated from bio-degradable polymers.

5) Cheap VOC sensors for economic indoor air quality (PhD student project, where the founder Aron Hakonen is co-supervisor).

6) Plastic particles in indoor air from 3-D printers.

7) Graphene, carbon nanotubes and nanodiamonds in indoor air from production and use of such.

8) Material analysis and following expert witness participation in a patent trial.

9) Characterization of sensors for: turbidity, oil-in-water, temperature, conductivity and various spectroscopic parameters.

10) Saliva analysis for dental health.

11) Fraud analysis of potency pills (Cialis et.c.)

12) Development of optical sensors for water quality measurements.

13) Development of optical sensors for food fraud detection.

About the founder

The founder of the company, Aron Hakonen received his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry 2010, from The University of Gothenburg, with the award winning thesis “Development and use of optical sensors in modern analytical chemistry”. After that he did two post-docs at SMHI (2010 – 2012) and Chalmers Applied Physics (2013 – 2016) also within the area of analytical chemistry and sensor development. Then he worked with analytical chemistry and research at RISE in two sessions (2016 – 2017 and 2019 – 2021), while also starting up Sensor Visions AB. Aron Hakonens specialties include spectroscopy, sensors, chromatography, nanotechnology, chemical analysis, microscopy and surface chemistry. He also is very experienced in scientific writing and reviewing. He has peer-reviewed 400+ manuscripts for scientific journals with impact factor 4-11, some examples are Nature Communications and Chemical Science. His professional goals include contributing to a better, healthier and more sustainable world.